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First Kiss (creator asked 20 strangers to kiss for the first time)

This makes me so happy.

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kissing video it also fuels a lifetime's worth of mental fanfiction


Soul Train Line

"Love Train" | The O’Jays (1973)

i don't understand how you can look this bored while disco dancing it looks like so much fun to do if only i had at least one right foot soul train line love train the o'jays music video

wowww trippy


wowww trippy

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art video papercut

Stills from the video for Götterdämmerung’s Bloody Innocent, dir. Claudia Crobatia (x)

video Götterdämmerung claudia crobatia marc bijl lisa smit i was her peermentor back in highschool blood tw:blood

A very Dalek Christmas!

Made by the genius behind that Wholock video - you know the one. (x)

doctor who dalek christmas video



I suddenly remembered the existence of the greatest commercial ever made and wanted to make 100% sure that you have also all seen it.

It is truly life changing.

I laughed so hard, I cried. And then I went and got my sisters to watch it.

march of the emperors video napoleon penguins not photography

Who said origami was an indoor activity?

aka that time I sat in the rain for an hour folding paper cranes because I wanted different camera angles. Done for GISHWHES, of course.

gishwhes gishwhes 2013 paper cranes origami video mine about me technically



Sometime when you’re thinking about things that need to be done, they all sort of tangle up and make you feel anxious. 

by my friend Wins and me

film video memorandum angela wong wins liu
annie mg schmidt jeroen willems romeo en julius music video



Every time I see that WHAT SOUND DOES A FOX MAKE video I think of this.

The fox say “Ooroorooroorooroo!”

That is the happiest, most contented creature I have ever seen. If anyone or anything ever looks at me that way I’ll have found true love.


also LISTEN TO THE SOUND dear god that is adorable video fox